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Short Films

2018 – 2020

Liminal Places (2020): USC student film utilizing AI vocal cloning and face generation alongside photogrammetry to tell stories of digital personalities.
Tell Me What You Think (2020): USC student film utilizing tracking technology to create an immersive digital introspection.
ILY2222 (2020): USC student film utilizing AI text generation to portray the panicked mindset of digital narcissism.
Silver Swagger (2019): USC student documentary on Silver Swagger, an unknown YouTube personality with hopes of fame.
Farsighted (2019): USC student film on the turmoil involved during a long-distance relationship.
3 (2018): USC student film on God, drugs, and delusion.
WWW (2018): USC student film that utilizes 360 technology to explore an immersive digital media cityscape.
Collected Videos for a Self Portrait (2018): A collection of USC student films compiled as a journal.


2019 – 2021

Cellophane (2021): USC animation utilizing open-source vid2body puppeteering to create a dance to FKA Twigs’ “Cellophane.”
Bluegrass (2019): USC animation utilizing NVIDIA’s Gaugan to stylize David Hoffman’s documentary footage.
My Childhood, ft My Cats (2019): Face replacement experimentation using AI generated faces.
The Ambassadors (2019): USC short video that explores the progression of visual mediums that addresses the viewer, from paintings to digital.

Mobile Photography

2018 – 2021